San Teodoro

Welcome to the Residence

For years now San Teodoro has been a major tourist destination in Sardinia.

This is not only due to the overall beauty of the area around the town but also to the wide range of restaurants, nightclubs, shops and activities that sprouted over the years, to make a tourist stay memorable.

To all the sports lover out there: horse riding, scuba diving, hiking and golf are only some of the numerous activities available to you in San Teodoro.

Water Sports

Needless to say the beach and water activities are usually the go-to for most visitors. This is of course due to the stunning beauty of the Marine Protected Area which is carefully protected while also being made available to the public by qualified professionals who will be happy to show you around this beautiful marine landscape.

Kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking are all activities available to you on beaches such as “Lu Impostu”, “Brandinchi”, “La Cinta” and “Capo Coda Cavallo”.

Hiking and Mountain Bike

If you love the mountain as much as you love the sea, in San Teodoro you’ll be able to enjoy both during the course of the same vacation.

Mount Nieddu is close by and just waiting for you to start exploring it: from the top you’ll be able to enjoy a staggering view over the gulf and the Island of Tavolara. The various paths to the top are enriched with waterfalls and natural pools where the water dug into the granite.


Horse Riding

The riding school “La Cinta” is just a stone throw away from the bungalows/residence, there you will be able to book rides to explore San Teodoro’s beautiful lagoon on horseback.

Rides with ponies are also made available for children. In the area there are many more riding schools that organise excursions in the Gallura’s country side and to Mount Nieddu. 


San Teodoro’s Airfield offers touristic flights to explore the coast along with private flying lessons with qualified instructors. The Airfield also offers the option of skydiving. For more information, use the link below.


The “Due Lune Hotel” in Puntaldia is equipped with a beautiful golf court overlooking the sea with an amazing view over the isles of Molara and Tavolara.